Bonnet Cleaning

Aside of hot water extraction, you can use bonnet cleaning to address your carpet issues at a fraction of the time. Due to its low moisture procedures, the bonnet method is used in sultry regions for it will dry faster than other methods. Pads made of polypropylene and/or cotton, a part of the rotating buffer, are the ones that clean the carpet in the bonnet methods. Thus one of the popular methods for it is the fastest and made simple to deal with the bugs and dirt in your carpets. Optical bleach is used in this method to give the fibers of the carpet a nice polish and show its shining glow and look fresh again.

Bonnet process is the one that is popular with the locals for they are convenient and competent to enhance the visual aspect in your carpets. Even if it is easy to apply, it is best that you seek professional advice from the experts to ensure that is it done the right way. Reach us through our number and we will do the treatment for you to ensure the quality of your carpets are kept intact.

You can rely on us to handle any carpet cleaning procedure needed for your carpets to make them bring back the luster. We always got your back if you contact us for we are the ones that specialized in this area. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service by the time we leave.

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